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Celebrating 25 Years and Counting

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Dream, Believe and Achieve

I’m often asked when I started the school if I could have ever dreamed where it would be today, twenty-five years later. The confident answer would be, yes! But the truthful answer is, no. How could I?

A Return Down Memory Lane—The Marc Adams’ Special

Back in 1993-94, I had no idea how to price a full week workshop.  At the time I thought a hundred dollars a day per person should help cover all the overheads; boy was I wrong.  The good news was that my only employee was willing to work hours on end, day after day for free.  It took every penny to cover the costs of the overheads, new equipment, meals, supplies, rent and insurance which left nothing extra.

Classes were just $500 for the week

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***If you have enrolled in one of Marc Adams’ five day “Special Down Memory Lane” classes & cancel for any reason, remember there will be no refund. Instead your money will be donated to the RCMF.***

25 Years of Incredible Numbers

Number of Workshops

Number of Instructors

Number of Masters

Number of Attendees

Over $500,000

Number of dollars raised for charity

Over 230,300

Number of meals served

Over 115,150

Number of hotel nights


(the same as the distance to the moon and back)

Estimated number of dovetails cut

20 Trillion+

(the same as the national debt)

Estimated number of ice cream cones

Calling All Alumni to Assist

Just think how great it would be to assist at MASW working with great teachers, excellent students, good food, top of the line equipment and a variety of class topics.  Being an assistant will provide you with a great opportunity to better your woodworking skills as well as help you to acquire teaching experiences.  This is only open to alumni of the school who are at least half way through completing their Masters.  You will be expected to start early and work late, help make fixtures and assist in the safe operation of daily activities.  What’s in it for you?  Satisfaction of helping others and free lunches each day; how can you turn that down?  For more information contact marc@marcadams.com.