Exceptional Students

Dr. Merrill Ritter

Dr. Merrill Ritter is an internationally respected lecturer, teacher and researcher who has presented orthopedic topics and intra-operative instruction throughout the world.

    He has published hundreds of professional articles and done numerous presentations. Dr. Ritter studied in England with Sir John Charnley, master surgeon and pioneer of the world’s first workable total hip replacement.  He is the founder of the world renown Center For Hip & Knee Surgery in Mooresville, IN and the past president of Operation Walk, which brings the gift of mobility and relief from pain to the destitute people of third world nations.  When he retired from surgery, he was just 18 short of 10,000 joint replacements.

    Somehow in the middle of being one of the world’s most brilliant and recognized surgeons, Dr. Ritter found time to attend over 70 full week workshops at MASW.  The staff of MASW honors Dr. Ritter as he approaches his 80th birthday and looks forward to seeing him get his workshop number equal to that of his age!

      The Very First Year

      In 1993-94 the school officially opened its doors with exactly one full time employee–me.  That first year I offered sixteen workshops and took ten people per class.  We had 160 sign ups from over twenty different states.  Twenty-five years later there are six of those original students who have returned on a regular basis and Richard Ellis has just missed a perfect attendance certificate by only one year.  Together these six elder statesmen have taken over 120 full week workshops and countless weekend workshops.  

        Richard Ellis, IA

          Buzz Griffin, NC

            Gratitude is finding the time to stop and thank the people who have made a difference in our lives.  These special men have taken the entire journey with me, sometimes step by step, and for that I am grateful.

              Ken Mitchell, SC

                John Martinez Sr., CA

                  Chuck Solomon, AL