A Letter from Marc Adams

2018 Summer Workshops

Dream, Believe and Achieve

I’m often asked when I started the school if I could have ever dreamed where it would be today, twenty-five years later.  The confident answer would be, yes!  But the truthful answer is, no.  How could I?  That was 5 presidents ago and the world moved a little slower then.  However I do remember as a kid my mother telling me “Don’t let your dreams be just dreams”. I grew up believing kids with dreams become adults with vision.  

Mark Twain once said “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born, and the day you find out why”. 

For me the “why” happened while I was lecturing in Damietta, Egypt.

I was there to represent America’s wooden products industry. Here I was teaching woodworking to people who didn’t speak English, yet they were enthusiastic and eager to learn more.  Within an instant, on foreign soil, my eyes were open to “why” God put me on this earth.  In a long distance phone call I told Susie we were selling our woodworking business in order to start a woodworking school—remarkably she didn’t hang up. 

I envisioned reviving the Industrial Art Age with a new spirit.  I imagined a place where anyone, of any age or skill could experience hands-on learning with the best craftsmen and craftswomen of modern time.  The goal was to create an environment centered mostly around woodworking where the craft itself could grow, diversify, inspire new technologies while preserving centuries of traditions.  I wanted the doors open to anyone with a desire to learn and a passion for making things with their hands.  The program had to be focused on safety, skill development and confidence building.  I’ve never had a desire to be average so the facility had to be world class with the best equipment and the most of everything.  The only problem I faced was would people be willing to travel to the middle of a corn field in the heat of the summer to take a workshop.

From the beginning I realized the importance of turning a woodworking school into a vacation destination.  But the key ingredient to the success of the school would not be through either of those two elements, rather it would be in developing lasting friendships.  Friends are like families we choose for ourselves.  If I could foster friendships with good memories along with an incredible learning experience the school would grow as a family.

The building of this “family” was not the most important thing—it was everything!

Today I am thankful for the vision which led me to this moment and the abundance of knowledge and creative spirit that has been present for the past twenty-five years at the school.  I am thankful for the inspiration of my instructors and staff who have a profound impact on everyone they encounter.  I am thankful for all the students who, without exception, are the greatest treasure the school possesses.  And I am thankful that my faith allowed me to follow God’s plan for the school and not always mine. 

And I am thankful that my faith allowed me to follow God’s plan for the school and not always mine. 

Always grateful, thankful and blessed.

Marc Adams

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