The Marc Adams’ Special

A Return Down Memory Lane

Back in 1993-94, I had no idea how to price a full week workshop.  At the time I though a hundred dollars a day per person should help cover all the overheads; boy was I wrong.  The good news was that my only employee was willing to work hours on end, day after day for free.  It took every penny to cover the costs of the overheads, new equipment, meals, supplies, rent and insurance which left nothing extra.  Classes were just $500 for the week.

By the end of that first year I realized that I couldn’t keep up the pace of teaching every class by myself, so by the second year I committed to bringing in people like Dr. Roger Cliffe, Dr. Bruce Hoadley, Kelly Mehler, Seth Stem, Bob Flexner, John Jordan, Bonnie Klein and Darryl Keil.  As I brought in high quality instructors, I also needed full and part time assistants so the pricing structure had to change as well.

    In honor of that first year, I have decided to revert back to the cost of just $500 for any 5 day class taught by me. 

    But this bargain comes with a catch.  If you sign up for any of my classes and cancel there will be NO REFUNDS FOR ANY REASON, regardless of the date you withdraw, instead your deposited money will be donated to the RCMF in your name.  If you can’t make it, I suggest that you find someone to take your place.  All business deals that seem too good to be true have fine print. *Specials listed below.

    In Honor of that First Year, $500 Classes…

    ***If you have enrolled in one of Marc Adams’ five day “Special Down Memory Lane” classes & cancel for any reason, remember there will be no refund. Instead your money will be donated to the RCMF.***

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