MASW Student Spotlight

Check back each week as we feature one of our students from MASW.

Dr. Jean Marmoreo

I am a family doctor with a practice as old as myself for the large part but many generational nevertheless. In the past 2 years I’ve shifted to end of life and medical assistance in dying now that it is legal on Canada, so it is still a very busy practice.

Her start at MASW...

My first week was the joinery week with Marc- what an intro days til 10:30-pm -flat out comatose at nite- it was spectacular (and someone had to be the class clown-and that was me) But a few years after, I produced a spectacular Maloff side table and it was my proudest moment. Mind you there wasn’t a spare minute then either – while the glue dried we did marketry. Somehow, Marc is ready to run as fast as you can go- with him.


“Coming to MASW is for me an extraordinary holiday. I’ve been coming for ten years -one week always after the Boston marathon- as a reward and an end to training (for a bit).”

Favorite Classes

“I’ve found my niche in turning and this is my 4th year doing this – 3 with Eli Aversera who I hope we have the pleasure of seeing return year after year.”


Future Plans

“I can also foresee retirement down the road and many more hours in the ‘shop’ which is now being to take shape.”


There are so many memorable moments when you are here for a week- watching pairs kayak construction, inlay abalone and ebony guitar- making, as everyone compares notes on the best guitar players ever heard and SEEN, work benches that are loaded into trucks at the end of the week, the crafting of Maloff rocking -chairs in all sizes to fit custom bums. Engaging as always, we watch masters at work through the days in our sessions, but seeing their body of work in Tuesday evening show is pure genius and surely ‘spreads the love’.

I love the place – it’s my summer home – as we would describe it for campers.

                 ~ Dr. Jean Marmoreo

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