Special Event Workshops 2018

2018 Summer Plan

One good deed might not seem like much, but if everyone did something good for someone else, then the cycle of generosity and kindness will make a lasting difference.  Calvin Coolidge once said “No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward of what he gave”.  I believe we were all born with the ability to change someone’s life.  We see it here at MASW every day.  The difference we can make through working together, making items, and supporting our craft can, and will, make a phenomenal difference in the lives of others.

This summer, MASW will be offering four workshops specifically geared at making a difference in the lives of others. 

This series of workshops has become an incredibly well received part of our curriculum, proving that woodworkers/artists/craftspeople realize it’s not what you have, but what you give that makes a difference.


I encourage every MASW student to consider some kind of involvement in one of the special event workshops this summer in one of the following ways:

1. Attend one or more of our special event workshops this summer

2. Make a donation to one of our special event causes

3. Spread the news about our special event workshops

4. Sponsor a student to attend one of our special event workshops

5. Help support a workshop financially for materials, meals and services

Two of these workshops will be for our own Roger Cliffe Memorial Foundation, one workshop will support the brave men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice while keeping America safe, and the final workshop will be in support of Wood-Mizer® and their missionary endeavors.  Together, through our efforts, we can make a difference–using our hearts and hands to create a better world.



 A special note about contributions to the RCMF

These special event workshops will be offered as fundraisers with a guarantee that 100% of the earnings will go directly to that cause.  The RCMF is a public charity organized as a 501c(3) corporation.  All donations to the RCMF are tax deductible to the full extent as allowed by law.

For donations to the RCMF (checks only) should be made out to the Johnson County Community Foundation (JCCF) for the amount of your gift. It is perfectly fine to give more than what is listed for a special event workshop.  Make sure you write on the memo part of the check that this money is for the Roger Cliffe Memorial Foundation.  Please send your contributions to the Marc Adams School of Woodworking.

From Forest to Final Form®: Perpetuating Purpose

August 20-24, 2018

A Missionary Event: Building Products-Building People

In 2017 I was approached by Mike Hanlon from Wood-Mizer® and Bill Spencer from the Narrow Gate Foundation with a unique missionary concept that need our help.  Thirty-five years ago the founder of Wood-Mizer®, Don Laskowski, developed a program called From Forest To Final Form®.  Don was blessed with a true servant’s heart and it became his life mission to see that impoverished countries around the world had one of his sawmills.

Today Wood-Mizer® has donated over 500 sawmills to some of the poorest regions on earth.

It’s companies like Wood-Mizer® and leaders like Don Laskowski that make woodworking such a noble craft.

Over the years as Wood-Mizer’s® missionary teams traveled the world they often found that wood had been cut and stacked then left to rot.  Don’s dream of From Forest To Final Form® was incomplete.  The “Forest” (logging and sawing) portion of that mission wasn’t the problem.  The problem was in the “Final Form.”  It seems the most difficult part of the equation was turning the wood into functional, yet practical, furniture.  Enter MASW and Narrow Gate.

Wood-Mizer® along with their missionary partners have chosen to start this new program with a focus on four regions; Liberia, Uganda, Fiji and Ghana.  From each region there will be two young men chosen that speak English, possess the will to work, have leadership ability and a strong faith background.  These two men from each region will be paired with two volunteer missionaries from North America making a “team” of four people per region.  North American Missionaries will be coordinated through Wood-Mizer®.

Together each team of four will be required to travel to MASW the week of August 20-24 to learn the fundamentals of woodworking, and then apply those skills to making items such as desks and chairs for schools in their own community as well as other useful items for the home.  At the end of the week the North American Missionaries will head home while the young men from each region will go to Narrow Gate for 40 days to put into action what they learned at MASW.  While there, they will also be taught the gospel so that they can share both skill and the word of God within their own community.

Here’s the Plan

During the week there will be 16 people assigned to this program from the endeavors of companies like Wood-Mizer®.  MASW is looking for eight more volunteers willing to come and assist the process.  During the week MASW volunteers will be paired with teams from each region and assist in the teaching and building process.  The week will involve learning how to turn the log it into boards, then turn those boards into functioning items that can be used to help build a better society in each region.  Skills will revolve around simple hand work, jigs and fixtures and the assembly process.  Groups will learn how to dress boards to square and how to cut simple yet strong joinery.  By the end of the week each foreign team will have the confidence and know how to produce items with a high level of repeatability, accuracy and function.  Imagine the impact you can have globally by sharing your time and talents and working with others for a better tomorrow.

2018 Testimony

“I have read and reread your recent catalog.  My comments to my wife were “Wow look at this.”  I’m really impressed with what you are doing with such a high degree of excellence.  I have many good memories of those classes and the way my life has been impacted.  My going to your school was truly a God orchestrated event in my life.  That first class is a testimony of God’s goodness.” Marlin Burkholder, VA 

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2018 Testimony

“I really meant what I said today, you are the visionary, the leader, the one setting the standards and the craftsman that I look up to when I attend your school…. I have told you many times, you have a ‘gift’ for leadership, a ‘gift’ for teaching adults and patience that I can only aspire to….  I feel honored to have been a part of your program, am very proud that I was able to accomplish the Masters…. God bless you Marc Adams!”  Rich DelCore, SC

Graffiti:  Deck The Walls With David Franklin

September 10-14, 2018

When Color and Craft Collide

The winter of 2017 was a year of expansion for the school with the addition of a new building.  This new facility features a cafeteria that can accommodate 100 people at a time, a new turning center that is the envy of all other craft schools and a Tech center that has state of the art equipment.  It also has 175 lineal feet of hallway that is twelve feet tall.  Because it is new, this building especially the walls, lack some of the charm of the older buildings.  They beg for more than just paint and old tools.  What they need is a professional graffiti artist and a crew of conspirators to create beauty, color and a theme that will define the new facility.

These walls will represent a canvas for creating the inspiration that continues to shine at MASW.

There will be a cost of $450 per “artist” that will go directly to the RCMF to support your choice of: The Intern Program, Student Aid, Help a Veteran or the new David Worrell Young Apprentice Program.

Here’s the Plan

Students will have the opportunity to work with David Franklin to discuss, develop and define images that identify the heart of MASW.  Through simple sketches, brain storming and creative thought, a theme will come to life that will be incorporated into the final design and painting of these new walls.  They will be the center piece and most talked about part of the school for decades.  Art speaks where words are unable to explain!  The week will be filled with color, laughter and reflection on how the craft has changed our lives.

This type of art work does NOT require art skills, so don’t feel like you can’t contribute if you aren’t artistic.

Work will involve design input, cutting stencils, taping, painting and color selections.  Creativity is contagious—pass it on!

2018 Testimony

“What Marc has done in building this school has had profound influence on the lives of others, here in Indiana, and around the world.  The experience of being here, whether as student or teacher has given us each new dimensions, empowering us to give more to our families and communities.  And so, what can I say, but thanks. Thanks a million and forever.” Doug Stowe, AR

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2018 Testimony

“I have enjoyed going to the classes at the MASW and getting to know you and your staff.  What a wonderful facility you have developed.  The opportunity to receive instruction from world-class instructors is a blessing for all of us woodworkers.  Thank you and your staff and instructors for sharing your knowledge and experience with us.”  Andy Wilkerson, GA

A Weekend to Honor Fallen Officers: The Ultimate Sacrifice

September 29-30, 2018

A Charity Event: Making Flag Boxes

In 2017 the number of police officers killed in the line of duty increased from previous years by 30%.  When our law enforcement officers put on their badges each and every day, they do so with the intent of protecting citizens of their communities and this country.  Police officers safeguard the lives and property of every fellow American; they preserve freedom, keep us safe from violent offenders, respond in times of need and preserve the laws of the land–regardless of the peril or hazard to themselves.  Last summer, Lieutenant Aaron Allan was shot and killed after responding to save a victim of a crash involving an overturned vehicle.  He was a Southport officer who resided just 15 miles from the school.

This tragedy reminds us of how dangerous life can be in the everyday duty of law enforcement.

This year MASW will make the same boxes again for the families of fallen officers.  MASW has partnered with —TBD— to see that in 2019 the family of every officer killed while in the line of duty is given one of these special custom made cherry boxes.

This is your opportunity to honor those who have served us with their very lives.

Two years ago 28 volunteers from 12 states gave their time and talent to make 200 flag boxes for the National VFW.  Those boxes were then distributed throughout a five state area where members of local VFW’s had the honor and privilege to present those flag boxes to the family members of heroes who served this nation in a time of war.

Here’s the Plan

MASW is going to make 125 flag boxes to display the burial flags of fallen officers.  These flag boxes will serve as a testimonial to the lives of these brave men and women and have been designed by the MASW staff.  They will be distributed throughout America in honor of those who have given the ultimate sacrifice.

During this two day workshop participants will be cutting, assembling and staining cherry display cases that will include an area for the folded flag, an area for any special awards and the lasered inscription “To Protect and To Serve with Honor, Courage and Valor.”

Class size will be limited to 30 people and a minimum $200 registration donation will be required.  All donation fees will be forwarded to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund.  Materials for the flag boxes will be furnished by MASW.  All you need to bring is a desire to learn and work to give back a little to those who have given so much. It promises to be a fun and rewarding weekend.


All you need to bring is a desire to learn and work to give back a little to those who have given so much. It promises to be a fun and rewarding weekend.

2018 Testimony

“Thank you all so much for giving me the opportunity to spend my summer at the school….Your teamwork inspires me and your constant pursuit of excellence in everything that you do motivates and pushed me to keep improving.  Look forward to next year!”  Nate Murphy, IN

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2018 Testimony

“You have definitely changed many lives both directly and indirectly.  My life in particular.  I am quite grateful and fortunate to have found you through the “Woodworking” shows and took a chance at taking a class at your school that year.  My life has changed for the better because of your school.”   Greg Znajda, IL