Controlling Color with Mitch Kohanek August 4-5


 $300 Tuition + $35 materials 
Deposit: $125.00
  • Key Points:
  • *Take the fear out of coloring wood
  • *Mix colors together to create your color
  • *Experience putting a color on top of a color
  • *Choose between dyes and stains
  • *Correct colors already applied (without stripping or sanding)
  • *Understand the impact of toners and glazes
  • *You designed the woodwork–now design the color



There is a $45 annual registration fee that will be added to your the total amount of the class if this is the first class you are registering for this season.


Learn how to create the color you are looking for by understanding how color works. This class will teach students the artistic side of using coloring agents to enhance any project using any kind of wood. This will require the understanding and utilization of the “Color Wheel”. For two days students will work on mixing colors together artistically using dyes and pigments (stains). Students will also apply colors on top of colors, change the color of glazes, and change the color of any existing coating (toners). All of this leads to predicting and obtaining the exact color desired.  Other topics include understanding color terminology and how to work with primary colors in dyes, stains, glazes and toners.