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Introduction to Refinishing with Mitch Kohanek April 14-15

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Deposit: $125.00
  • Key Points:
  • *Restoring old finishes back to life
  • *Refinishing furniture safely and effectively
  • *Re-gluing
  • *Color matching
  • *Replace missing veneer
  • *Spot repair water rings and scratches



There is a $45 annual registration fee that will be added to your the total amount of the class if this is the first class you are registering for this season.


Reviving or refinishing a piece of furniture can be just as rewarding as building something from scratch. But how does one get started with the process? Just like woodworking, refinishing any woodwork can either be very simple or it can get extremely complex. This two day class will help prepare you for getting started on any refinishing project. Refinishing verses restoring will be discussed. Restoring is an attempt to keep as much original material on the object as possible. Students will learn how to identify the different coatings on your furniture and how to vastly improve its appearance without stripping it off–less work with greater rewards. However that is not always possible, so Mitch will explain how to choose the correct stripper to safely remove the coating. Once the coating is removed, what are the choices for coloring and coating this stripped piece of furniture? Other areas of concern are re-gluing, color matching, how to replace missing veneer and a variety of helpful tips to make furniture restoration and refinishing rewarding. This would be an excellent class to take for those considering the five day hands-on refinishing class.