Make Common Woods Look GREAT with Tim Puro September 15-16


 $300 Tuition + $40 materials (printed copies of the manual) 
Deposit: $125.00
  • Key Points:
  • *Make poplar and maple look like cherry
  • *Finish birch plywood to look like walnut or mahogany
  • *Use yellow, orange or green dyes to “fix” multicolor woods like poplar
  • *Glaze and tone wood to create depth
  • *Finish plywood and solid wood of the same species to look more uniform



There is a $45 annual registration fee that will be added to your the total amount of the class if this is the first class you are registering for this season.


Highly figured woods need only a few coats of shellac to look spectacular.  But how do you finish rotary cut oak plywood or pine and make it look good?  A skilled finisher can make common woods like poplar, birch plywood, and even particle board look like more expensive woods.  In this two day class, Tim will teach students the techniques professional finishers use to give rich color and depth to less interesting woods.  Students will also learn how to make particle board look like real wood!  The finishing skills taught in this class will make future projects look better, regardless what wood it is made of. This class is a must for those who want to improve their finishing of common woods or highly figured woods.